NYC – Demi Lovato Palette review

Back when Demi Lovato’s line of makeup, with NYC came out, me being a makeup obsessed fool wanted it all! I finally found it in my local Wal-Mart and assessed the collection. Obviously the first thing that caught my eye was the eye shadow palette, it was very similar to the Urban Decay Naked palettes and spiked my interest. Aside from that I wasn’t really in a desperate rush to try the other products. The lip and cheek stain seemed interesting, but the word STAIN kind of scared me off for now.

nyc demi lovato pallette_edited-1

So of course I bought the palette and have now been using it off and on for the last month. I’m not one to wear makeup everyday or if I do wear some its a natural look, but this palette actually works well for that. It has a mix of light and dark colors as well as matte and shimmery.

When I first dived into this palette I was not very optimistic. In the past when I have used NYC eye shadow the pigmentation was terrible. You literally had to rub your finger aggressively over the shadow to get a strong color pay off. This shadow though was different, you barely had to do anything and the color was there. It blends easily and builds the color well to make stronger more intense looks. The only downfall to this is the powderyness of it, but I can overlook that when it cost less then $5.

demi lovato palette

The palette itself is called Lovatics by Demi and the colors in it are on the natural side. Most colors work with any look and can be used for daily wear. In the picture above I did a swatch of the palette on my arm, as with most light shades they have less of a color pay off, but I am also Casper the friendly ghost white, so they blend in with my skin tone. The lightest brown shade is my favorite. It is great used as a beginning crease shade and blends everything together very well! The lighter colors do offer up enough color to be used as a great highlighting shade, and the darker shades give you that great punch of color! Over all this palette kicks butt for its price point and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to the naked palettes!

Pros: Decent color pay off for price,Great color selection, Blends easily,Great staying power (when used with primer) Affordable

Cons: Very powdery, Light shades could less pigmented





How to get more done today

how to get more done

I swear I have either been busy with school, with kids, around the house, my husband or just sleeping.. I have not had any time these past few weeks to even entertain the thought of writing on here. I just finished up a group speech at school that was a nightmare! I have primarily high school kids in the class who do not take it as seriously as I do, so guess who did most of the work….. If you guessed me, you wouldn’t be wrong! I graduate the beginning of may and I am counting down the days!

As far as productivity goes, I found that I am most productive when I get my butt out of bed earlier in the day. 6 A.M. is a great time. Usually the kids don’t wake up for a couple hours and if I can get the husband awake I can delegate some of the work off to him. Get the harder things done in the morning and then the rest of the day should be a breeze.

When I am needing to get some computer work done, it’s great to have Ga (grandma) around, she can keep the kids entertained for a couple hours so I can get some time in.

The one problem that I do find myself running into the most is getting sidetracked once I get one the computer. It’s so tempting to go on Facebook and all the other social media outlets and just burn up your very valuable hours. I’m working on it though. As we speak I also have a pinterest tab opened that I am swapping in between paragraphs….. (Onto dream decorating my house.)

While surfing the magnificent pinterest I also came across a few sources that could offer up a little advice on the whole productivity front, enjoy!

10 tips for getting more done each day and Stay at home mom morning routine

Let me know what works best for you!

Keeping kids entertained without technology

pexels-photo copy


  1. Painting
    1. Grab some canvas at Walmart, or any craft store they are not that expensive.
    2. You can also grab either finger paints or just some of the cheaper kind they have in the craft aisle. Make sure its acrylic because it will wash off with water and is generally nontoxic, double check that on the bottle though.
    3. Grab some cheap foam brushes, which they may end up not even using if they really get into it, I know my daughter loves to get her hands dirty.
    4. Go home set up an area and let them go. Do make sure to supervise to make sure they are not eating the paint or anything that they shouldn’t be.

My daughter is an artist at heart and loves to see her art hung on the wall. She is always so proud of it and has to point it out all the time.

  1. Cooking
    1. This is always something that you can allow your child to help out with.
    2. Cookies, banana bread, really anything.
    3. Just make sure whatever you are doing that there are no sharp objects near them.

My daughter loves to make chocolate chip cookies, but then she won’t eat them when she’s done. It’s the oddest thing. She likes to eat the chocolate chips, but not the chocolate chip cookie.

I know whenever I am going to make anything she is always right behind me saying “I help; I help”


  1. Go outside and explore
    1. When the weather is nice we have to be outdoors. My daughter could live outdoors probably; she just adores it.
    2. When we are out there we play tag and hide and go seek, but also try and find new things in the yard. It’s like hunting for treasure.
    3. Kids are very easy to excite at this age so you could literally walk around trying to find rocks or pinecones, anything could keep them excited. Its like hunting for a hidden treasure.

You could probably do almost anything with kids and they would just be happy that you are spending time with them and your whole focus is on them, that means no cellphone or technology of any kind. Kids need that love and support in their lives and these are just a few ideas on how to accomplish it.

I will find JOY

This is me starting a project I intend to finish. A passion and dream I intend to chase and follow. I know this journey will not be easy, but It will be rewarding and enlightening time. I will grow, I will fail, and I WILL try again. I am meant for more in this life then just existing, I will leave my mark on it, one that will make my daughters proud.